File Recovery

Not all files are lost when they are deleted. Your system places a “0” in front of the file name. This makes it appear that the file is gone but it still resides on your hard drive. In most cases, clicking on the Recycle Bin Icon on your desktop will allow you to “recover” the file. If it not in the Recycle Bin, it may still be on your hard drive. Recovering lost or damaged files might be as easy and knowing where they are.
The Desert Sky Computing Website offers several pages on how to not only recover some of these files but shows you how to ensure that it does not happen in the future.

Some files, lost to a crashed hard drive are much harder to recover and in some cases beyond recovery. I can attempt to recover them for you or refer you to other professionals that have expensive software that might work. These types of recoveries can be expensive and should only be used if the file you are trying to recover is very important and cannot otherwise be recreated. If any case, it is free to find out. Just email me at to discuss your problem. or text me; (909) 702 0235. Please note that because of the number of spam phone calls I receive, there is a possibility that your call my be inadvertently blocked as spam. If you suspect that your call was blocked, please text your message. Remember! There is no charge for in-home visits.

  1. Remember! There is no charge for the information.
  2. There is no charge if none of your files are recovered. There will be a minimal charge if some files are recovered.
  3. If your computer requires repairs, during this recovery process, I will quote you a suggested price for the repairs.
  4. The quote is for that repair only.
  5. I am here to help Mesquite residents by offering the lowest prices for quality repair and services.
    If you live in one of the surrounding area there may be a travel charge that will be discussed prior to my visit.
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