Malware Computer Infections

Malware is actually a combination of two words, Malicious and Software. It, along with Viruses are often used as catch-all phrases to categorize several different types of infections. The first of these are:


To be labeled a virus the malicious program must be able to replicate itself. It inserts it bad code into other programs, usually .exe or other executable programs to spread itself around . To get a virus, the computer user would need to run an infected file before it can infect the computer. this can be from an email attachment, installed on a USB drive, a borrowed DVD or CD. Without the assistance of an infected file it cannot infect your system.  I still remember my first attack, it was in 1981, only about a year after they became commonplace.  All that happened is my monitor screen went black then in blood red (dripping graphic) centered on the screen was: YOU ARE SCREWED!

No that you know how a virus works, do not use a friends USB drive, do not open attachments, even from friends without asking. One of the first things virus can do is scan the computer is has infected and send realistic email to individuals that it finds in contacts. So, it might be sent from a friends computer but not by your friend. Once last caution to consider, some viruses are smart enough to hide and inflict any damage until several emails are sent. Your friend might open the attachment and think the contents are interesting enough to share, not knowing that they just sent you an virus.

Protections: The best way to protect against a virus is to scan every attachment prior to opening it. Scan every USB, CD, DVD that you did not personally create. Most antivirus programs are capable of matching executable files against a known good file. If anything is changed it know a virus is present.

Trojan Horses.

The name itself should give you an idea of how people are infected with a Trojan Virus. They hide themselves in genuine looking software and unlike a virus, it is capable of opening what is often referred to as a backdoor to your computer. Your computer communicates through ports to interact with the internet. Once a Trojan creates a backdoor, it will notify it's creator and they will have access to your computer.  They may then install ransomware or delete your files without notice.


Worms are very similar to a Virus however, they do not need a carrier program to spread. As the name implies, they bore through bandwidth spreading themselves. A worm is never a good thing but truly malicious worms can destroy your system or lock you out until a ransom is paid.


 I do not find Spyware as common as before but it still exists. As the name implies, it actually spies on your computer and reports back to the hacker. It is capable of including key loggers so, everything you type is captured including passwords and sent back, most of this is done without your knowledge. Not all Spyware is as malicious as others.  Some spy on your actions while you are online and track the sites you visit. They can then sell this valuable data to others that will then offer you targeted advertising.


First review this website to see if their problem is covered and a solution provided. However, some infections do pose a serious threat to your computer, its files, and your financial and personal information. These are not always easy to remove by the home user, even with Anti-Virus or Antimalware installed. When this is the case, it is best to have a professional fix the issue. Attempting to fix it yourself may cause you to lose important files on your computer or expose your passwords to important sites you use. If the infection allows you to do so, I recommend you transfer your personal files to an independent thumb-drive. Do not transfer them to another computer as you might infect it.

Even with professional help, not all infections can be removed without serious intervention. In the last 9 years I have only encountered 2 such cases. If I cannot fix your problem, I can refer you to professionals that specialize in this type of work.

In any case just email me at to explain the issue in detail. If it is urgent, call or text me; (909) 702 0235. Please note that because of the number of spam phone calls I receive, there is a possibility that your call my be inadvertently blocked as spam.
If you suspect that your call was blocked, please text your message.

  1. Most of the time, you are not aware of minor intrusions they can slow your system, redirect you to some sites and cause your system to crash. These types of infections require software to detect them. The Desert Sky Computer website will show you some of the software available for free and discuss how to use them to rid yourself of this type of infection.
  2. Do not however click on any message that looks like this: "Warning - your computer is infected! This may cause critical system Failure. Click here to get available software. DON'T click on the link and DON"T call that number. It is most likely a scam, and unless you invite them in by clicking on the link they are not really in your computer.
  3. Remember! Microsoft and most major antivirus companies or computer manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, Apple, HP do not contact you by phone or provide you with a number to call!
  4. If your computer does requires removal of of malware, recovery of files or other repairs, I will quote you a suggested price for the repairs.
  5. The quote is for that repair, and you are guaranteed a clean computer or not payment is required.
  6. I am here to help Mesquite residents by offering the lowest prices for quality repair and services.
    If you live in one of the surrounding area there may be a travel charge that will be discussed prior to my visit.
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