Lowest Priced Service and Repairs

One of the things I would like to make clear is why I am able to offer such low prices. Let's face it, everyone else conducts repairs or offers services at a set price and to be honest they need to. Most businesses pay rent, advertise, pay employees and pay for utilities to conduct their business. In other words, they perform these tasks for their living. They are a required services in our town and some can offer services beyond my means. They can often work on several systems at a time, buy expensive testing equipment and software. I personally am glad they serve Mesquite. I have too many clients state the very high rates of out-of-town businesses. They travel to your house and often the charge of the travel is more than the cost of the repair.

That is not the way Desert Sky Computing works. I do not try and take work away from these businesses. As a matter of fact, I am happy to pass on a referral to them if I don't offer a particular service or repair they might. I try to offer a much lower price for seniors and veterans because I can and many do not have the means to pay a $60.00 to $260.00 fee. Almost all of my work comes from referal from existing clients. If my charge is $20.00 for the work performed and that is still too high for your income, I am willing to lower the price or delete if needed. You cannot expect other professionals to offer that. I do not do this for a living, it is my way of passing on goodwill and earn spending money when possible.

Another aspect is to prevent locals from falling prey to illegal scam artists that prey upon the senior in every community. Knowing they have a fallback might prevent them from shelling out a few hundred dollars to a scam artist.

I am proud to say that I have never been paid less than my suggested price by any of my clients. They understand the true cost of computer repair.

If you need help, hopefully it is on this site and easy enough to decipher for you to perform your own repair. If not please email me at: to schedule a visit to your home. If you rather, you may call or text me; (909) 702 0235. Please note that because of the number of spam phone calls I receive, there is a possibility that your call my be inadvertently blocked as spam. If you suspect that your call was blocked, please text your message.

  1. Remember! There is no charge for in-home visits.
  2. There is no charge for a quick diagnostic once I arrive
  3. There is NEVER a charge if your computer is not fixed to YOUR expectations.
  4. If you computer requires repairs, I will quote you a suggested price for the repairs.
  5. The quote is for that repair only. I am here to help Mesquite residents by offering the lowest prices for quality repair and services.
    If you live in one of the surrounding area there may be a travel charge that will be discussed prior to my visit.
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