Printer Repairs

Printer problems can range from Intranet, wiring, dried ink and problems with the mechanical part of the printer itself. I encourage all my clients to first review this website to see if their problem is covered and a solution provided. However, if that is not the case or you prefer to have the issue fixed for you. Several printer brands are discussed but it is impossible to cover all models and types. If the information you need is not available on these pages, No Problem! Just email me at to schedule a visit to your home. If you rather, you may call or text me; (909) 702 0235. Please note that because of the number of spam phone calls I receive, there is a possibility that your call my be inadvertently blocked as spam. If you suspect that your call was blocked, please text your message.

  1. Remember! There is no charge for in-home visits.
  2. There is no charge for a quick diagnostic once I arrive
  3. There is no charge if your printer cannot be fixed.
  4. If your printer or connections to your computer require repairs, I will quote you a suggested price for the repairs.
  5. The quote is for that repair only. I am here to help Mesquite residents by offering the lowest prices for quality repair and services. If you live in one of the surrounding area there may be a travel charge that will be discussed prior to my visit.
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