Complete System Backups

One of the first functions of a new computer owner is to make a "restore disk" and " back up" of their system. In this case a backup can be cloning (mirroring) your system which is making an exact copy of your system. Another is to make an actual backup of your system which is different than a clone because it compresses the information by a backup program and then when needed decompresses it back on to your system.

A restore disk is very easy to create and the function is already built into your Windows system. a restore disk will allow you to restore your system back to the day your bought it. It also provides you with tools to troubleshoot issues that might be affecting your system and having you up and running right away without a long drawn-out restoration of a full backup.

Cloned and System Backups are also different because a clone is a static copy of your system the day you make it. A system backup is normally guided by a backup program and may be set to backup incrementally daily or backed up with a full copy weekly or monthly. The program will keep several copies of the backed-up system for as long as you set then start deleting them to make room for new backups.

Another type of backup already installed on your computer is "File History" This is a program that will back up your personal files as often as every few minutes or once a day. It is fast and invisible to the home user which makes it an efficient way to ensure the safety of your personal files. It does not however save or protect your installed programs or operating system.

There are backup instructions on this site for each method but if your need help, please email at: to schedule a visit to your home. If you rather, you may call or text me; (909) 702 0235. Please note that because of the number of spam phone calls I receive, there is a possibility that your call my be inadvertently blocked as spam. If you suspect that your call was blocked, please text your message.

  1. Remember! There is no charge for in-home visits.
  2. There is no charge for a quick diagnostic once I arrive
  3. There is NEVER a charge if your computer is not fixed to YOUR expectations.
  4. If your computer requires repairs, I will quote you a suggested price for the repairs.
  5. The quote is for that repair only. I am here to help Mesquite residents by offering the lowest prices for quality repair and services.
    If you live in one of the surrounding areas there may be a travel charge that will be discussed prior to my visit.
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