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Virus vs. Malware And Other Malicious Software

Make sure you download the program that will fix your computer.  An Antivirus program will not remove spyware, adware etc. An adware program will not remove a virus. Each of the links shown on the right show programs that are designed to remove virus. 

If an antivirus program does not make claims of total security or that it can also remove Malware, it probably cannot.

 A good idea is to have an antivirus and a anti-malware program on your computer.  If you antivirus does claim to do both you must use only one or they may clash.



The information for understanding the threats from virus software is covered in complete detail in other parts of this website.  This information is to help you pick the right program for the issue you are experiencing.


Most people call everything that infects a computer a "virus".  However, that is not the case, 

A virus can spread via email attachments, shared files from a USB flash drive, DVD, CD or even clicking on an infected file and downloading it to your computer.

Virus are not normally self-propagating, (they don't normally contain the internal code to spread themselves but instead rely on people to spread them to their friends and co-workers.

Many Antivirus programs only notice an attack after you complete a scan of your computer.  They do not always prevent you from being infected but allow you to (disinfect) your computer after you complete a scan. That is why it is desirable to run scans frequently or have the program set to scan at least daily. Not all Antivirus programs eliminate all viruses it is up to the user to regular download updates to ensure the program has a chance to remove the newest virus.


There are many virus programs available, many more than I will list here. I will present them as unbiased as I can. I will show you what I believe to be the pros and cons of each so you may purchase or run a free program depending on your personal preferences. The following programs are listed alphabetically.

* Certainly one of the best "all-free" Antivirus Programs available.
**Good Solid Program each with its own feel and all with a normal size on your computer
***As good as catching a virus as the rest, but a "bloated feel" tends to slow my computer down.
**** Perhaps the fastest and smallest footprint scanner on the market.