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Besides repairing and servicing computers I am also a Graphic Artist.  From Business Card Design to fully functioning websites, I can provide you with the design project you need.

About Desert Sky And Me

Who Am I?

My Name is Jim Canfield and welcome to “Desert Sky Computing” I am retired after spending more than 50 years in Graphic Arts, Computer IT and as a Corporate Trainer in the Printing Industry. I am excited about helping individuals experience the power of their computer and making them aware of the many opportunities available to them.

I believe modern technologies can and should be presented in a non-intimidating way to new users. I also know the incredibly rich diversity of information and services on the World Wide Web as well as other web based applications.  I plan on adding new information on a regular basis that will help you experience the complete capabilities of your computer. So let's get started.

no phishing

You may access many of the webpages on this site in different ways.  For example the images above, once clicked on, will send you to a page associated with the topic of the graphic. Just hit your back button to return to this page or use the navigation buttons at the top of the screen to where ever you want. 

Sharing Some of My Favorite Sites

This is not an endorsement of the following sites but rather an example of the many things you can do on the internet.  Create your own magazines with Flipboard with an almost unlimited amount of topics.  Check out Earth from space.  Visible Earth offers spectacular photos of earth and the galaxy.  Like music?  Using Spotify, you can listen to music from, Classical, Rock, to Country Ballads.  Check them out.

As I mentioned before, the choices are endless.  There is however, danger, see my article on The Danger Attractive Sites which describes the pitfalls that trap many of us.  Just remember surfing the internet is no different than any activity, even crossing the street.  Follow the rules, stay in the white lines, no problem, no sweat.

Below are things that make you unsafe. 

Doing any of the items listed below does not mean that you will get infected or have your identity stolen.  I just want to make you aware of some bad habits that can open the door to danger. .

On Your Computer

Your computer may be your last defense against infection.  Following these simple rules may help stop Identity Theft or infection. 

  • Update any software that communicates with the internet.   Programs like Windows, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java, Chrome and Firefox are windows to the internet.  Read Internet Programs on the Browsers page.

  • Checking the "Keep Me Signed In" box  on your computer, particularly if you are signed in on another computer like a friend or public computer. 
  • Connecting to an unknown wireless account.  Once logged in, anyone may have access to your computer.
  • Plugging in another person's flash drive into your computer without checking it for virus first.
  • Don't use one password for all your accounts.  I know it is hard but make a file for all your accounts and assign a password to each.  Avoid personal data, proper words. Mix your password up with Caps, symbols and letters.

On Web

The web is the highway to every computer connected to it. Adhere to the following:

  • Searching for free, porn, movies, downloadable music or anything your know you are not really going to get for FREE.
  • Remember, most valid search engines will not post Ads as regular search topics without post the word Advertisement or Ad. If yours does switch to Bing or Google. 
  • Avoid search for celebrity gossip, or any using search engines that flash a lot of ads or photos.  If you search try to sticking with Google or Bing.  They check their sites to help prevent you from the bad stuff.
  • Never click on websites presented to you or enter personal information when requested by websites.  Your bank, or private accounts WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.  NEVER.


On Social Media

Feels like a no brainer but this is one of the common mistakes from individual users on Social Media.

Keep your personal information to yourself. Don't let people know you are going on vacation, or leaving your house empty.  Don't post incriminating photos of yourself or friends. You world not put it in the paper, don't put it on the web

I am going to say it one more time.