Welcome to Red Bar Art.

Red Bar Art is part of the Desert Sky Computing website because it makes it easier to combine my passions of graphic art and computers. When you see red in the banner ,you are on the Red Bar pages, Blue is Desert Sky Computing. The top navigation buttons will still get you anywhere you want. Like the DSC pages, I encourage you to explore the site and click on any links to discover what is important to you.

An entirely new concept on Graphic Design Costs.

I have a passion for Graphic Design. I have been in the graphic design field for many years. This webpage is a new distinct part of "Desert Sky Computing" that only deals in Graphic Design. Not computing. My goal is the same with Red Bar Art. Providing an alternative pricing structure for small business owners and start-ups. This site is all about. So if you are just testing the waters to see if your business plans are doable, low cost quality artwork is what you need.

Been There Done That

Having started my own business, I understand the initial outlay of money just to get an idea up and running. Contractors, lawyers, permits, websites, logos, advertising and host of other costs can lead you to believe that you have to cut corners somewhere and paying for graphics and other marketing items is one of the first hit. You do not have to do that with Red Bar Art. Let me help you see what is possible.

I perform several services at initial costs so low that you will be able to afford graphics that match the passion for your own business. So, if you need any of the services listed on this page I will be happy to offer several options that can get you up and running.


Good question, my hope is for you to become as successful as you want to be in your new endevor. My services will be set at what YOU believe you can afford. I am always happy to discuss what is possible. No hidden fees ever. If for any reason you are unable to succeed in your passion what you paid RedBarArt if anything is considered payment in full for all services rendered. There is no set time limit, mandatory pay back, nothing. You own the artwork your were given, it is yours to do with as you wish. I rely on the honestly of others that if a valuable service is rendered they will pay an honest fee.

I will never ask you for a contract, any fee stated up front is the only fee you will be responsible for paying. For example: If you want a new Logo designed, I will suggest my cost for creating the logo and once created, giving you, full ownership of that design.

The Other Shoe Dropping

Yes there are exceptions, there always are. These are the only exceptions:


The entire basis of this concept is that if you do succeed in your passion, and I hope you do. I hope you will help me succeed in mine. When you become successful, I do ask that: You recommend me to your friends, You leave a good review if you are happy with the work and I do accept donations. However, you are NEVER obligated to do so.  I also hope that when successful you continue using my services at rates that are similar but less than other online outlets.

Services Available

I have other services that I will be happy to discuss with you even if you are not starting a new business. I am sure we can come to an agreement on price