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Is the Internet and
WWW the same thing.

No.  Most people do use the terms interchangeably but they are synonymous.  They are related by separate.

The internet is a massive collection of networks.  It connects computers globally in which any computer can access another as long as they know the URL of the other computer. 

The Internet is used to send information like email, instead messaging and FTP. 

The Web on the other hand is a way of accessing information over the Internet using a specially formatted language.


The World Wide Web is a system of internet servers usually preceded by www. that support documents formatted in what is referred HTML which is an acronym for Hyper-Text-Markup Language. to as Internet Protocol.  This protocol supports audio, video and graphic files.

The WWW is a collection of all the electronic webpages that makes up a large part of the internet.  It is accessed by individual users using web browsers on a computer, tablet or phone. 

Because of the unique ability for a web server to store formatted information and a browser having the ability to translate that data to the end user, it has become the biggest part of what we call the Internet.