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One of the great benefits of using the Web is the wealth of legitimately free products and services. Just think of anything you like to do and you can bet that there are a million other people that feel the same way. Some go out of their way to share their passion with others, many for free. Even organizations offer free services for anyone using the web.


One of my favorites is Books. There are virtually thousands of classic books that can be downloaded from the internet, with one of the first is the Project Gutenberg site.

Perhaps the best way to read books online is to get them from your library. There are several programs that have been developed to do that for you. All you need is a valid library card. The only limitation is that your library district has to own a copy of that book, if it does not you may request books even prior to publication. Also if the maximum number of books are loaned out, you may put a hold on one/ When it arrives, you will be notified and it will appear on your device. The books can be downloaded right to your Kindle, Tablet, Phone or PC. Like the library, you are only allow to keep it for a few weeks but you can download as many as 50 at a time.

Audio Books

Audio Books are handled the same way but the user is given a longer time to hold the book.


You may even get your favorite magazines downloaded right to your device. Unlike books, magazines can normally be kept for months at a time. A selection from Cooking to Woodworking and everything in between.

Videos and Music

If your library carries streaming videos or music you may request them as well.


Perhaps the best know is Overdrive. It was developed by Steve Potash in 1986 and is in use in over 65,000 public libraries. Overdrive also owns Libby and RBDigital. One of the first was Zinio. Hoopla is another great option. Most of these can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store. They can convert your book into a Kindle format or you may run it directly on your Tablet or Phone. If you are using a non supported Android device or a non-Android device like Amazon Fire, installing Google's APK software will allow you to install Google Play store on your device.