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Is Your TV Network Capable?

Today's  TVs, mobile devices and Game stations are capable of offering you the benefits of wireless entertainment.

Stream Netflix, Amazon and others with the annoying loading circle. Make make all your devices work seamlessly with your home network. Even have your Android phone and computer synced together.

You can receive calls and messages right on your PC and have your photos instantly available to drag and drop from your phone to you computer. or Onedrive

Computer Repair and Services

Desert Sky Computing brings it's service to you. We offer free consultations to determine the problem. If I determine you need service, you may qualify for our Seniors or Veteran pricing programs. It is the best pricing for computer repair, services and training around. I many cases the repairs can be made on-site in your home in less than an hour. Longer repairs can be performed in-shop, the choice is yours.

Simply call for a time that fits your schedule. My hours are very flexible. Most in-home repairs can be addressed within hours of your call.

Better yet, check out our troubleshooting pages that are designed to help you fix your computer by yourself., Many computer issues are simple to fix by the home user if you know the steps required and this site helps you understand those steps to help avoid professional service costs.

If the answer to your problem is on these pages, and you still would like help walking through the process, call for assistance at no cost.

You are not alone in needing help. If you are using a Windows Operating System, from XP, to Windows 11I can help. I try to keep the information on these pages as up to date as possible but not every potential problem is covered and not every topic is completed. If there is something you would like to see included, please email me at: and I will do my best to include it. My goal is to help the people in Mesquite and its surrounding areas get the help they need. If I cannot solve your problem, I will be happy to direct you to others that can.

Dave's Computer Tips

Another option is to visit a "Free" help site like Dave's Computer Tips. They are all great people at DCT and are willing to offer totally free help to their subscribers. There is no cost to become a subscriber, ever! Just sign up for our newsletter and feel free to use the forums to get answers to hundreds of already asked questions.

The forums are broken down by categories designed to make it easier for you to find the answer to your problem. Use the forum to get answers to questions asked from people like you. If your problem is not listed, just post a question and they will do their best to get an answer for you. The combined knowledge of our moderators is impressive and we take pride in helping others for free.

Desert Sky Computing

At Desert Sky Computing my services include the issues listed on my opening page "home". Click on this "home" link to see the services and training I provide. Many of the links provided will include additional links to possible solutions to the service mentioned. Please remember, this is an on-going website where the information is continually updated as time permits. I can promise to make every effort to provide you with the best information available on a regular basis and will happily include any additional information you request.

Don't See Your Problem Listed?

Contact me, I never charge for consulting, and many of the problems related to wireless, computing, and peripherals are too numerous to list. I will be happy to explain what I can do to help and if required give you a free quote.