Desert Sky Computing

 Service and Training Prices

It is my goal to combine the best possible professional repair and service with affordable pricing. My services are designed to honor our veterans and active service personnel with a substantial discount. Additionally, I wish to offer my services to individuals severely incapacitated by illness or injury at greatly reduced prices. See the information below the pricing chart and know that they are suggested prices only. If you cannot afford I will waive the fee in most cases.

price sheet

Pricing for Computer Training is not show above because of the many types of training available. The cost depends on the course but all are very reasonable. My standard Computer Training for non-profit organizations is always free. I am always happy to make a trip to a local organization and cover a broad range of topics and to answerer questions. I will promise you an answer while I am there or within 24 hours of my visit, If I don't have the answer you need.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What if my computer is not repairable?

A. Almost all computers are repairable, it is just a matter of cost-effectiveness. If I find your computer can not be repaired by me. , there is no cost. If I determine your computer can be fixed but not by me, there is not charge and I will direct you to possible alternatives.

Q. Does the service include parts?


A. No. The fee covers labor only, Parts will be provided at cost to Veterans and Disabled individuals. There will be up-charge for Regular Priced customers and a lesser up-charge for seniors.

Q. How long will my repair take?

A. It really depends on what the original problem is. Most repairs can be done on-site, with most requiring less than an hour. Repairs requiring written quotes will contain an estimate of time.

Q. Are the repairs guaranteed?

A. All repairs are guaranteed for 90 days from date of service. Repairs requiring parts are guaranteed for the time set by the manufacturer.

Q. Can I get training for my non-profit group?

A. Yes, Just let me know what topics you would like to cover and I will send you a quote covering fees and times.