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Free HELP!

Just need a little help without actual service. I have included a series of links in this column for programs that can help you with common troubleshooting problems. The type of issue listed under headers are webpages that contain several programs that I have checked for safety. Also please review this Free Software for additional software. Follow the directions on the pages.

If You Think You Have A Virus or malware try these.

If Your Computer is Slow, try these.

Sites with forums, just ask for help!

Getting In Touch With Me

I can normally be reached anytime of the day by phone, text or e-mail. I will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible. If I am unavailable for any reason, my phone or email will let you know for how long. So if you just want to know why your computer is doing something strange or how to go about getting something let me know. In many cases I can get you up and running with an email or phone call. Jim