Red Bar Graphics can work with you in developing designs for professional looking Marketing material including

Be Creative

Once marketing images are designed for you, you are in charge of thinking of ways to promote your business. Not every method is right for every business. Magnetic Stickers for a refrigerator, a keychain, imprinted coffee cup or baseball cap. Remember, you own the art. Use it where you think it will best help your business. If this aspect of the business is not what you do, I will be happy to help procure marketing items and ensure you receive the best quality and prices from online vendors.


If you require logos or other custom graphics for your business or personal use I can do that as well. I will be happy to develop any style that fits your vision and budget. I can provide you dozens of digital proofs. Choose your final format, PDF, .jpeg, .png, Adobe, etc. If a business tells you that they have thousands of styles to choose from, remember you are probably going to choose a style hundreds of other customers chose. Don't Choose. Create!

Don't settle for preformatted layouts where they encourage you to modify an existing layout. These are the types often seen on logo creation websites. With these sites your final product could be looking like hundreds of others. Create a unique design until if fits your vision. Don't be pressured into a design by cost.

With RedBarArt, there is no charge unless you are satisfied with the final result. After an approved proof, you will be responsible for the agreed upon fee. Printing, shipping and extra proofs are independent of the graphic design charges and are non-refundable unless an error on my part is made.

You are never obligated to have the final printed product procured by RedBarArt. You are always free to pursue your own printing options you will have full ownership of the finished graphics or logos.


Design costs are traditionally based on the artistic skill of the designer but most often governed by the time it takes to develop what the client needs. Time is why a pick and choose process can be cheaper than a one-on-one designer-client relationship. With RedBarArt, what ever you need for pretty much however long you need, to develop it, is still one price and usually less than a pre-imaged logo. I will start by sending my client 12 proofs to see if we are getting closer to your vision, I often add additional alternatives with different fonts, colors and layouts to spark any ideas that might help you meet your artistic vision. If additional digital proofs are needed, changes will be made and I will supply you with additional proofs. Our goal is to get it right.

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