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Leave Your MP3 Player At Home

Lets face it, it was not that long ago that having a iPod or MP3 player was such a great leap over tape players and CD's. Having thousands of songs you were able to carry around was hard to beat but we have.

Regardless of you listening preferences one of these apps have what you need. Plus there are many more.

Each of these music apps offer a different array of abilities and with most having a free version you have more music at your fingertips than you can put on two MP3 players.

Not only that, several offer blogs that discuss every conceivable topic.

There are more than what is offered here. Some feature old radio shows and serial stories.

The link to rdio has been changed to because they are no longer in business. Also if you click on the Google Music image you will be directed to YouTube Music instead. Google has migrated over to YouTube.

 If you are using a non supported Android device or a non-Android device like Amazon Fire, installing Google's APK software will allow you to install Google Play store on your device.