Color Your Black and White Photos

Do you have some great family photos and wondered what they would look like in color. Red Bar Art offers colorization of old black and white photos. Not every old photo needs to be in color. Like a great 50's movie, color can look out of place. Ruin the feel and expression of the artist. A large effort was made in the 80's to colorize some of the classics like those on Turner Classic Movies and to most it was surprise, that they did not go over well. Some made sense but overall people were happy with the B/W version.

On the other hand, Some photos can bring back memories that color can trigger. So, if you have an old sepia or black and white photos you would like to see colorized we can do it. There is no charge if you are not happy with the results and a minimal charge if you are. These make Great gifts for the family, I can take that old b/w photo from 1920 and bring in color to make it like new again. I offer digital copies or printed copies from 3" by 5" to 17" by 24" I can also matt and frame them if you wish. If it sounds like a service you are interested in just drop me an email at: