If you have hundreds of photos in a hard copy format, I can digitize them for you. Usually, I can put your photos on one USB or DVD in a default alphabetical order.  If you provide me the photos in certain categories, I can create folders and seperate them into those catagories.

For a small fee, I can put your photos into a Microsoft Sway, presentation. Sway is a digital display format that can be shared online. It can take any story line and add music, speech, stunning effects and make your photo event a present or just something to share.

If you scans contain torn and/or cracked photos, yellowed or faded over time I can scan them as is or bring them back to life. Yes, fix tears, cracked photos and often brighten faded out Polaroid's. Even colorize old black and white photos.

Scans don't have to be photos, is you have hard-copies of wills, important receipts, warranties or other important papers, I can digitize them for you. As with our photo service, all original material will be returned to our client. If you have any questions please email me at jim@desertsky.com