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Good printer tips can be anything from how to get more life out of each ink cartridge to how to fix smeary looking print outs, and almost anyone who owns a printer has needed such advice at one time or another. The ability to share tips and advice is one of the things that makes the web so amazing. For example, if someone halfway across the world discovered a great new way to use your printer, they can simply post that tip online, giving you instant access to the information you need.

Use Caution When Changing Printer Settings

As you sort through printing tips, though, there are a few things to remember. First, all printers are made differently. Just because one individual figured out that a humidifier was the best way to prevent clogged printing ducts in his Canon PIXMA doesn't mean that it will work in the same way for your HP Deskjet.

While there's no harm in reading about certain tips,trying them out if they involve seriously altering your printer or ink cartridges could be quite serious. If a tip offered on this site has the possibility of harming your printer if done incorrectly. A warning symbol will be shown.

You may also want to remember that these are just tips.In most cases, they're not advice from professionals who work with the equipment on a technical level, so it's essential that you take them at face value.

In the mean time if your printer is in need of repairs, please visit the Printer Repair page on this site.

I will be posting more very soon but until them. Check out these helpful sites.

Other Helpful Sites

This is a helping hand from across the pond as they say: Printerland is a great name for a great site.

One of current catch phrases is using the word hack to indicate a way around. Nowadays we have kitchen hacks, showing not just the tricks used by experienced chefs but from any Tic-Toc or YouTube influencer. The same is true for this printing site, Tonerconnects offers up 10 hacks you didn't know your needed. Hawkgraphics offers and addition 10 tips.